Wednesday, May 08, 2013

How do you want to go out?

 The end comes no matter what. The only thing that matters is how you want to go out.

After posting a mediocre blog this morning, we hopped on the bikes for a quick rip up the mountain. Somewhere on the way this quote caught my attention and got me to thinking a) HOW DO I want to go out? & b) am I taking the steps now, to go out on the note I want... later? We don’t often think about how we’ll go out. In fact, I’m pretty sure many of us believe we’re immortal. Kind of a cross-that-bridge-when-we-come-to-it type thing. The problem with that approach is we’ll not likely come to the bridge WE want to cross if we haven’t purposefully invested in our direction.

Investing in our direction isn’t easy. Ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll likely tell you within 20 seconds. They dream without barriers. Ask that same question to a teen and more than less will have no clue. A young adult may be closer to their desired path, or spend years finding what they want to do, or they may be settling for something – anything to get by. How many people do we know that are getting by? How many people do we think, when the chips were falling on their final days said “this is exactly how I wanted to go out”? How many people (given a 2nd chance) would alter their life course?

Most importantly, how could we help people pen their own stories from beginning to end? Is it possible?

I believe it is. I believe it’s a simple formula that reads passion (what I’m passionate about) + skill set (what I’m good at) = success. Its probably not ironic that many of those who reached their level of success had always dreamed of that very level of success as a kid. What was the difference between them and others who didn’t achieve it? Work ethic? Talent? Opportunity? Compromise? (eg: I’m not a Hollywood actor, but I am a producer / cinematographer). Finding out what you're passionate about & good at requires discovery. That discovery can & should happen as early and often as possible. Just as we learn the element is hot – don’t touch, we’ll also learn our proficiencies & deficiencies. We should be  advocating & encouraging discovery as well as supporting ourselves & others to follow the passion most meaningful to us.

If the only thing that matters is how I want to go out, the answer for me is simple. I want to go out doing what I’m passionate about and good at. To me, that’s a fulfilling life lived... without regrets. 

Own your life. Own your direction.

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