Monday, May 13, 2013

To wear or not to wear a cross trainer?

By: Mikaela Patterson, Kintec Fitting Expert

To wear or not to wear a cross trainer, that’s the questions. The answer is: depends on your activity.

Unlike running shoes, that are designed to withstand high impact force with forward momentum, cross trainers are designed to absorb impact while offering additional ankle support.

Why a cross trainer?

The most common ankle injury is an inversion ankle sprain (as seen below). Cross trainers help prevent this type of injury by keeping the heel of the foot closer to the ground and building up support to resist excessive motion.

Who benefits from this support?

For all the loyal gym goers, you will be able to transition between light cardio, weights, step class and intense plyometrics while preventing ankle injuries. Multi-directional sports are more areas we see success with cross trainers. Sports such as ball hockey, squash, and tennis involve sudden stops and changes of direction and create a demand for footwear that can provide protective and performance functions.

Examples of Footwear:

The New Balance 871: Light weight, low profile and offer the structure needed to keep athletes of all levels in the game. A bonus feature of the 871 is the wide forefoot and lateral flare. These create solid contact with the floor and a physical barrier, providing high-performance lateral stability.

The Nike Free TR Fit 3.0 provides lightweight comfort and natural movements. The flex grooves in the mid sole allow your body to utilize your natural proprioception (the awareness of our body in space) to keep our body stable while specifically placed grips on the outsole offer excellent traction on the gym floor.

Not sure if a cross trainer would make a difference in your fitness or performance? Come into any Kintec location and ask one of our Fitting Experts. The best way to know if adding a cross trainer to your gym bag is the right move is to try them on and feel the difference. 

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Anderson Clark said...

Doc said gentle movement helps the ankle heal faster. Doc also said to watch anything that causes pain.