Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watch out for AMAZING.

Our time is precious. Work, relationships, kids, stay healthy, service debt (minus 1, add 2) and repeat. We’re fed the sponsored information on a daily basis and unfortunately oscillate towards bad news & train wrecks. But that’s not today’s message, that’s reverse-psychology-self-esteem-propaganda for a later date. Today’s message is the exact opposite - watching out for amazing. Amazing may be more difficult to find simply because of the ratio of people doing amazing compared to those doing average & absurd, but it is out there and once you set yourself up to consciously find & focus on it – you’ll continue to be amazed.

Take this high school high jump in Kenya for example. No mats, shoes, Nike gear, Fosbery Flop, safety anything, bleachers, million dollar facilities, sponge tracks or sponsored turf. Two teenage boys + 3 pieces of wood: Amazing. Things like this are shared more than they used to be (the upside of social media) and thats cool. I wish there were one channel that only focused on amazing things. This way people would become predisposed to amazing and by osmosis – perhaps they could train their psyche to crave it. Stop feeding us more garbage, that’s not motivating. Feed us great things, great places, great experiences and great people.

I’ve recently enjoyed amazing across a few different experiences and it’s been both uplifting & motivating. Some think it’s harsh purging those habits, things & people that don’t bring amazing - I don’t. Chances are if it’s not amazing to & for you, it’s probably not amazing to & for those other habits, things or people on the flip side. Everybody wins when amazing takes the stage. 

Do I think life can be amazing every single day? Yes I do in it's own unique ways and it’s really no different than carrying the woes me attitude... except opposite.

So get out there and seek out amazing. It will help you become a happier, healthier and more productive person.

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