Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Are Special!


It is true. You have "special potential". You are a unique individual with special talents and skills. Some of us have been told this our whole lives; some of us have been told the opposite or have been told nothing at all. Regardless, it is true. Whether or not you choose to believe this information is up to you, but it is a reality - if you let it be a reality.
First, let's be clear here. You are not special for just waking up in the morning. You are not special for simply being you. That is quite frankly not enough. You need to do something special to prove to yourself and the world that you are indeed a special human being. Doubting whether or not you have this ability is asinine because, by nature, we are all individuals with amazing skills and talents that we may choose to use. Of course, we may also choose to ignore our "special potential" and simply be average or below. Now, if you are saying to yourself - “Wait a second. I thought you said I was special."  That is exactly what was said but the important part of the statement is its small disclaimer. That disclaimer has to do with work and effort and altruism and motivation. Do something special, show the world that you are indeed a special person, and you will live up to your inherent ability to be amazing.
Generations of school-going people right now have a belief that they, in fact, are special - for simply breathing, eating, and taking up space. This is not actually the case. As our population expands and the competition for resources, jobs, space, and food gets harder and harder, we need to separate ourselves from the masses and live up to our ability to be special. We ALL have this ability. We ALL have special potential. We simply need to step to the plate, put in the work, take the extra time, go the extra mile, and actually be the special human beings that we are. Don’t sit and wait for it to happen. Go out today and do something extraordinary because you, my friend, are fortunate enough to be a unique individual with amazing and unique talents…if you let yourself be.  
                              ~ Yoshia

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