Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pay for Performance & Common Sense Logic.

We begin consistently across three of the four foundations of learning with reading, writing & arithmetic and a simple algorithm.

  1. receive the knowledge +
  2. practice the materials +
  3. demonstrate we can apply the materials (test) =
  4. receive the accompanying grade (aka: school adjective for pay)
*note – we do not deem health (from an early age) worthy of a foundational pillar or performance metric because that would infringe on people’s rights. Tell them they’re dumb, just do not tell them they’re unhealthy. Moreover, don’t force compliance around health early, because Canadian health care is free. May as well abuse it till we lose it.... eh?

Follow me here...

This progression, with the exception of health is consistent across 8 years of primary school + 5 years of secondary school +/- 5 years of post secondary education accounting for an avg of between 8 & 18 years AFTER WHICH we enter the workforce and deploy the exact opposite

  1. receive the accompanying pay (aka: workplace adjective for grade) -
  2. demonstrate (usually over two weeks) that we've got a grasp of the materials -
  3. work as fast as we possibly can to practice and implement the materials -
  4. access management, intranet & help desks so we don’t actually have to learn the knowledge.
*note - and we show up with the expectation that every six months to a year, we are going to meet with said management & boss with the expectation of a raise regardless of the overall performance of the organization.


Do I need to continue? Ok –I’ll continue. If we want to... I dunno solve the global economic crisis, solve the global health care crisis and/or have the Yankee’s win the world series every year we must start [insert logic here]

Workplace logic.
How we do it now.

  • we’re so happy to have you here, we’re going to start you at X amt of $$ for Y responsibility with a guaranteed contract over Z years. Perhaps a bonus packages and for sure an option to review every quarter.
  • If you’re not happy after the honeymoon stage is done, you can simply quit, sue us for something we’ve not likely done wrong and burn a hole in someone else's pocket.
  • but since you have a degree (that no one will likely check or verify which you understood was your finish line) you must be worth the massive amount of time we’re about to invest in you.
  • We’re just so lucky to have you.
Pay for performance system

  • you are really fortunate to have a job in this economy with a company who’s ownership, management & alumni who have obviously done something right to be able to a) keep the doors open never mind b) turn a profit.  
  • we’re going to start you off with a very low base salary with clear success indicators, which each time you hit automatically activate bonus pay that you are entitled to because you’ve earned it.
  • we’ve mapped out all of these kickers and the reality is we’re going to take our X% based on industry standards and then provide you & everyone else with Y% of Z profit to split amongst yourselves.
  • in the event you're the only one to hit the success indicators, you get the majority of the profit. This profit is divvied  upon review at the end of the fiscal year, so for the 1st year of employment our suggestion is to live within your means and work your ass off to get to the next level. When you get there, keep working your ass off until such time you don’t work for this company any longer.
  • in the event you arrive at any one of your reviews without hitting the performance markers, you will not receive the performance bonus. If you fail to meet it twice... Well you will probably have quit before then.   
Health Care logic (Sorry, it’s the space we're in – have to)
How we do it now.

  • By blah dibbidy blah blah time really soon – 70 cents of every dollar we make will go to sustaining our healthcare system – get active!
  • By blah dibbidy blah blah time really soon – 70 cents of every dollar we make will go to sustaining our healthcare system – get active!
  • By blah dibbidy blah blah time really soon – 70 cents of every dollar we make will go to sustaining our healthcare system – get active!
Pay for performance system

  • your health is going to be taught & evaluated with the same rigor as reading, writing & arithmetic staring in kindergarten and will continue for the duration of your education (8-18yrs) 
  • if you stay in a healthy range (based on normative data) you will keep your free healthcare privilege AND you will earn the right to more privileges. The older you get, the more relevant the privileges to your age.
  • if you fall outside of a healthy range (based on normative data) you will lose your free healthcare privilege and lose the right to additional privileges as you get older.  
  • *and yes if you have a disability or injury, we’ve constructed a modified performance metrics for you to hit as health is more than just physical fitness.
Now tell me – WTF do you think would happen with our kids, communities, teams, businesses, provinces & countries if we integrated the common sense logic of a pay for performance system?

It's time for a change people and never mind the rhetoric. Step up and put your money where your mouth is while we still have enough money to do that. 

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