Friday, July 12, 2013

Foot Speed and Agility in Sport

Many of the questions we get from coaches and parents involve building foot speed and agility for their athletes. "How do we get our athletes to improve their overall foot speed and what exercises are best for agility training?"

We have to clarify that fast foot speed does not mean that an athlete is agile and being agile does not mean that you are going to have fast feet. The key to developing fast feet and overall agility is to develop strong legs and lower body power. This is essential to develop foot speed and is the focus of speed training.

Consider drills and exercises as supplemental for developing speed. It is the process of building strength and power that will initiate the change in the body. We utilize ladder, cords, bands and various training tools to help build speed, agility, and quickness. The ladders are a staple in our program. But they are a small component in the overall approach to building strength. Ladders, cone drills, box jumps, and even skipping are great dynamic movements. They also incorporate the CNS in our body and get the muscles/brain working together.

So when the topic of foot speed and agility comes up, the answer is simple; no one drill will make quicker. Developing lower body strength and power will. But this takes time. These drills are supplemental to developing strength and thus are beneficial to an athletes overall development.

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