Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Innovation AND experience.

We had an interesting conversation with a fire chief last week about the divide between new & old school ideology in his fire hall. This division isn’t a new phenomena, in fact is the same division that stifles 
development, collaboration and ultimately growth in many organizations 

The card:
Fighting out of the red corner... the old boys. Old boys know it all and don’t want to think anyone with less experience or tenure can possibly have an idea that hasn’t been thought of or may have merit. 

Fighting out of the blue corner... the young gun. Young guns come in guns a blazing and try to change an entire culture during their 1st week on the job without ample research into what / why / how things have been done in past.

The winner? Neither. Essentially, it’s another another race, gender, pro/anti union type conversation that evokes polarizing banter at the dinner table with limited results.
 What IS clear is the following; 

  1. little forward progress has come without fresh eyes and a new way of looking at / trying things
  2. that same forward progress, has usually been made through the old boys... when they were the young guns
  3. sometimes, there ISN’T a need to try and build a better mouse trap.
  4. there’s no fast tracking the gap between theoretical knowledge and applied experience.
  5. there’s much more acceptance when one has learned, understood and applied the principals AND then suggested changes.
Consistent with everything in life, it is a culmination of little things that make the big difference!

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