Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Oh - is everyone else doing it?

We hear it all the time. It’s the in thing now. It’s what everyone is doing. To be dead honest, the minute I hear that is the same minute I think than that’s exactly what we should not be doing because we’re already behind. In fact, we’re at the end of the line. Ever tried to be relevant at the end of a line? Kind of like peeing in a hurricane..  largely ineffective.

There’s no edge at the end of the line. I mean where’s the differentiation in following the path hundreds & thousands before you have both blazed & trampled? They’ve already gained the advantage. They are further ahead. They’ve seen everything your about to see and generally, by the time you get there – they’ve moved on. It’s like my parents asking me are you on Facebook - a decade later. Its like being the 1000th visitor to the  raspberry patch. You get it.

If you find yourself following that well traveled path it’s clear sign for you to GO AND CREATE YOUR OWN ADVANTAGE. There’s millions of us which means there’s millions of opportunities to be absolutely, unequivocally unique and blazing NEW trail where the magic BEGINS. If you get lost – so what. If you screw up – oh well. Trust us when we share, the knowledge, perspective and enjoyment you take away will be well worth the time backtracking (if you have to).

End of the day life is a daring adventure or nothing at all and I would bet my bottom dollar that your fondest memories came when you heart was racing a little, your palms were sweaty and you thought WTF  have I gotten myself into here. Right? Of course. Its this simple. You have less relevance looking, acting, thinking and behaving like everyone else. You don’t stand out at all and you may as well be another number in a long line of sheople.

So stop following the human heard and be your own leader! And for the love of god – stop trying to tell me we need to do something because everyone else is. That’s just stupid 


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