Monday, August 12, 2013

Advances In Bracing You May Not Know About

Incrediwear Knee Brace

By Kelsie Sedore, BSc (Kin).
Fitting Expert and Langley Store Manager.

Those of you who have had an injury and have worn a traditional brace or sleeve before know that they take time to get used to and aren’t always the easiest to wear under your clothes. Most are made of neoprene which can get hot and clingy in time. Not exactly the most ideal situation if you’re participating in the IF golf tournament or the IF adventure challenge!

Incrediwear® has come up with a new line of breathable, form-fitting sleeves that are made out of synthetic microfibre weaves, threaded with carbonized bamboo fibre (up to 78%) and germanium.

These braces are great at offering therapeutic relief for your back, knees, ankles, elbows & wrists; they can help target pain and inflammation caused by diabetes, arthritis, sprains, backache, tendonitis, swelling and other ailments.

Incrediwear Elbow/Shin Brace
Activated by body heat, the materials in Incredibraces® generate anions (negatively charged particles) that produce infrared heat to stimulate blood flow to joints and muscles.  In other words, the materials in Incrediwear products interact with the skin to increase circulation and oxygen by 75%, which in turn, help promote faster recovery from injury, reduce swelling and enhance performance. 

Unlike most neoprene braces or sleeves, the bamboo and synthetic materials are antimicrobial, resist odor and are breathable.  The 2-way stretch to the sleeves enhances the fit on your body, making them more comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis.

The only caveat is that that because these Incrediwear products do not have any rigid materials in them, they are not designed to structurally support ligament or muscle strains and sprains.

To help to maintain the alignment of the body or join in more serious injuries, traditional bracing products may still need to be used.

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