Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hopeful, Desperate or Stupid?

Last week I rebooted Inside Job, the 2010 documentary of the Wall St collapse that crippled the WORLD economy. My interest was not the fact America’s largest financial institutions were in collusion to defraud their own people of billions, the actions displaced over 50 MILLION people (globally) from work, smart people warned of the consequences, virtually no one was held accountable (in fact, they received massive severances and still opposed deregulation) or outside of a few 'sit in's, people essentially didn't seem motivated to demand justice.

My interest lay in a) our constant pursuit of trying to make ourselves look bigger & more significant than we actually are b) the flock of sheeple who (without diligence or question) buy / believe what we're selling and c) how many times (despite getting repeatedly burned) we continue to buy & believe snake oil from the new salesman.

Are we that hopeful, that desperate or just that stupid? 

Social media has elevated this false flat exponentially by providing everyone with the platforms needed to showcase exactly what we want people to see, think & believe 24/7. To me, this is a brilliant example of smart people making money off stupid people. Just like the Gr.8 pyramid scheme that starts with ten bucks *and yes in writing, posting  & sharing this i understand the hypocrisy. 

Vendors / institutions & people
  • don't lay false claim to things you have not or can not accomplish/ed. The world doesn't need another bullshitter, it needs authenticity across what is supposed to be leadership. Aspire to be like Warren Buffet not Jeffrey Skilling
Consumers (of all goods)
  • Do your diligence. When things sound too good to be true, they usually are.  Ask the tough questions, peel back the layers and don't simply take what you're being sold told at face value. What are these people's actual accomplishments & track records?
During these times we must avoid being hopeful, desperate & stupid and take the responsibility of being sure, diligent & smart about both what & whom we're investing our time, energy & money in and on.

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