Tuesday, August 06, 2013

How to Wear Orthotics in Sandals!

By Ermin Pagtakhan C. Ped.

Foot orthotic users understand the benefits of proper support and comfort, but the challenge how to wear them during warmer weather and around the house without a shoe.

Custom foot orthotics are built to each persons specific biomechanics and is implemented as part of a treatment program, which includes wearing them consistently in order to achieve the proper level of support. 

The nature of custom orthotics are truly custom and can be built and modified into specific sandals like a Birkenstock sandal. To make a custom orthotic, the first step is a 3-dimensional volumetric cast impression of the foot must be taken. A positive mold is then created from this impression. This mold is then used to create the exact specification directly onto the sandal. These modifications may include building up the arch, the metatarsal area, and even the heel to exactly what the feet require.

 A specific custom orthotic design can be made to slip into sandals that have a removable footbed/insole. Some examples of these are Naot sandals and Cambrian sandals. To do this, simply remove the existing footbed/insole from the sandal and replace it with a custom foot orthotic.              

Kintec specializes in custom-made foot orthotics and can design specific orthotics to fit into sandals as well as modifying sandals to give that custom support required. Contact or visit one ofour stores for more detail and remember that consistency is key when using custom orthotics.

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