Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Business Bumps.

This may seem ridiculously simple. And it is.

Business owners are usually the hardest on themselves. It can be the action or inaction or a habit good or bad. And sometimes it’s the mindset.

But transformation all starts with awareness. And ten things that can create bumps in your business & make it harder than it needs to be...

1 – No Clear vision
The thing to remember is to make sure you take some time away from your business to get clear on your vision. You don’t want to get caught up and become the reactor versus the creator. It’s about the dynamic of your business and the organic energy you’re surrounded with. As the saying goes, create or disintegrate. So make sure to take time to shape and create your business with proper planning.

2 – Spending TOO much time on your vision
Some entrepreneurs get too caught up in perfecting their plan and strategy that they do not act as fast as they should. Out of fear of doing something wrong or failure, but failure is only that if you give up. As Steven Covey states: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Get in the habit of acting fast and taking massive action.

3 – Waiting for the Green Light!
Great things happen all the time to people, but waiting for it to just happen to you only guarantees frustration. In order to have a true relationship with your business, you have to give it the attention and action it needs and deserves. Waiting for the perfect sign or the green light, is much like being afraid to claim your own power. You must own it and claim your space to make an impact in a big way!

4 – Perception vs. Inception
Are you living a dream or living in one? Do not be disillusioned by the “Field of Dreams” mentality that by simply hanging a sign that you’re open for business will deliver you loads of traffic and customers. It doesn’t work that way.
It’s great to know you have an offer or provide a service that’s second to none and can set you head and shoulders above your competition, but if not marketed effectively, no one will know you exist. If you build it, they may come.
But if you build it with effective marketing, they will pay you!

5 – Master Being a Problem Solver
Positive thinking is critical to the success of your business, but realistically speaking, expect a monkey wrench or three to be thrown in your plans from time to time. Donald Trump even advises to expect problems but don’t let the problems paralyze you. Instead, master the art of being a problem solver. Sooner than later, any setback will afford you to see doors instead of walls.

6 – Numbers Don’t Lie
Business is all about a numbers game. Sometimes they’re low and sometimes the numbers are high. But stay true to your dream, your passion and your vision so that when the numbers are low, you won’t give in to the what you believe is a sign from the universe that you should give up and get a job.

7 – Waiting for the burst of energy
Much like believing the universe is showing you a sign that you should quit, you believe that when it’s meant it to happen, you will “feel” it. Marketing your business is like a system. It’s important to systematize your system and marketing process to the point it is a habit.

8 – Hitting the panic button!
Much like being the reactor instead of the creator, every now and then you go into panic mode when you notice you are low on clients. The marketing and cold calling like a mad man begins and for months you can hardly breathe. This is the unhealthiest habit to have. It’s critical to set your business to flow seamlessly and congruent with a system that is constant and automated. And this is totally possible!

9 – Waiting for Your time to shine
Believe it or not, most people feel they don’t deserve to be in the spotlight. We want to the status and entitlement, but believe we’re supposed to have extensive training under our belt, or members of an elite tribe before moving toward opportunity to create worthiness. This happens only when we take the chance that we know may only come once, get in the game and play bigger and untie ourselves from worrying about what others will think.

10 – Overlooking the importance of personal development
The common denominator for most entrepreneurs are that they understand the importance of investing in their growth development. Attending workshops and seminars, hiring a coach or consultant is vital to the success of your personal growth. Trying to go at it alone only diminishes the mindset and limiting thinking. It causes isolation and burn out which is a sure way to not staying in business. It’s not so much about how much does it cost, the better question to ask yourself is how much does it cost if I don’t do this?

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