Friday, September 13, 2013

Picky Eaters?

A busy life already requires good communication, planning and great time management. As a parent it may already be a struggle working in those healthy meals, but you have found the time and prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family. 

What happens when you have multiple eating types? Whether it is vegetarian, vegan or just little ones that are "picky eaters" there are great resources to gain insight and tips on how to keep providing healthy food for your entire family. 

Click here for tips on Picky Eaters from Super Healthy Kids!

Keeping it fun and involving your children in aspects of the food preparation is key. Make it a goal where at least one meal a week each child takes part in deciding and preparing. This will grow in to future healthy habits over time. 

Keep it fun and take the most common dish, the sandwich, and turn it in to entirely different experience for your kids! Stackable Sandwich for Kids!

There is nothing like a good role model. Monkey see monkey do. This means not only are you kids benefiting from eating healthy, having energy and feeling alert but they benefit from happy healthy parents as well. 

Lastly if you are family embarking on what seems like BIG changes it is also key to pick only ONE new food a week to introduce and one old habit to kick to the curb. Having one focus at a time will turn in to several long-term habits that will seem natural. Long-term success will take time and consistency so stick to it and do it as a team. 

Happy Healthy Eating!

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