Tuesday, October 01, 2013

6 Pack Abs-Core Training

Core Training

Currently, fitness professionals are moving away from the standard crunch style of core training and are being better trained to know what type of core exercises should to be doing/ and not doing with customers. 

I'll provide you with an example I see daily:

Example 1: 
-Works in an office at a desk all day
-Always on phone and computer/Always sitting
-Bad posture, rounded shoulders
-Experiencing low back pain/tight neck and trap muscle/cramping

Loading the Spine or Spinal Flexion

The first question to ask isWhat is the function of the core? Would it make sense to wind this guy any tighter or continue to put extra load on his back and neck??

Answer: The answer is obviously no. The function is to stabilize the spine……so why would we repeatedly do crunches and sit-up variations that put the spine into flexion?

 The traditional sit-up imposes about 730 pounds of compression on the spine. This means that every time you do a sit-up, knees bent with feet on the ground, sitting up to vertical, that amount of pressure is crushing your discs.

Application: Work the core as it was meant to function. Lot's of front support, side support, chops, lifts, and anti-extension exercises with a healthy dose of full body compound exercises. Plank variations, side plank variations, cable stabilization exercises, core roll-outs, dynamic medicine ball training and cable chops and lifts.

**We need to promote good postural habits and doing crunches put our body in poor position for good posture. So we need to progress his core and work it in a different way**

Core Exercises and Progressions

Customer must be able to perform an exercise properly for the entire set before advancing with exercises!

Go Through:
-          TA activation - supine draw in
-          Supine leg drop series
-          Glute series, quadruped series
-          Plank holds and progressions (front plank, side plank, side plank hip drops, front plank variations, swiss ball plank, roll-outs)
-          Rotational core (cable chops, lifts, medball throws,etc)
-          Unstable surface work (exercises performed on kneeling/standing/seated on bosu ball)

**I'm not saying that we can’t do any sit-ups/crunches but we should really be trying to limit how much we are doing**

If you want a "6-pack," change your diet. I can give you as much core info as you can take, but it takes a regimented eating plan, combined with exercise, to get that look

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