Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Educating the herd.

We like things the way they are. No changes please. Stay the course. Let’s just make this easy and move on, I’m too busy to think right now.

No time to think. Little to discuss and even less we’d like to debate. That’s hard work and requires and opinion that isn’t spoonfed to us by our friend who seems to know more than us.

So how will you get a new idea to take shape? Who will care if nobody cares? Who will debate the
finer points of your new concepts if everybody wants to stay normal?

You will need to be consistent and find a way to build a conversation people are interested in and that they will rarely consider controversial. You will also need to find the outliers in your arena. Those that will beat the drum for change and engage in a conversation for a new future. They are out there and you might have to take every one of them out to coffee, or work for them, or make them sit up and pay attention by supporting their efforts. Whatever you propose, this is your tribe. Become a part of their network and build with them. Maybe even to an even bigger vision combining and collaborating together.

To gain traction there is very little you can do beyond continuing to iterate your ideas and speak with people, one on one if you must, daily. Hard work gets you where you want to go if your idea even stands a chance. Keep building a conversation that people might want to attach to. Continue to support others see what their life could look like inside of your future vision.
Make the change seem easier than doing the normal routine.

Set out to make people’s lives better.

You don’t stand a chance if you can’t crack open the door of complacency but shouting louder will never work. Your work must nip at the edges of regular life, slowly pushing those edges outwards to include your ideas and work.

Telling people what to do rarely succeeds. Having them discover their own best life inside your work is much more difficult but stands a greater chance to last over the long term.

How hard are you working to tell your story?

Step up. Stand out. Written by Willie Cromack - the Underdog Effect.

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