Friday, October 18, 2013

Fear as a Motivator

You start counting down the months, days, and nights. Your mind becomes distorted, feels like you can’t move forward. The day is coming, the one that will change the rest of your life. Fear has now knocked on the door, and you've opened it.

You begin flipping through pages of the contract, trying to focus on the important points, but the words begin to fade and turn into a different language. The realtor and salesman are explaining each page to you, and you begin to pretend to understand and nod along.

“Initial here, sign here.” Your hand slowly trembles and becomes heavy trying to sign your name. You begin to space out and all you can hear are pages flipping, pens clicking, and muffled toned voices.

The salesman and realtor shake your hand. “Congratulations on purchasing your very first home!”
The reality begins to set in. I've done it. I was stressed for nothing. The months prior to this day you couldn't sleep, focus or enjoy the everyday essentials of life.

Fear consumed your life, and you were okay about it...

Slowly the fear you once lived with is gone. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  For months leading up to the day of buying your first home your life seemed dark and cloudy. Every day you hoped it would get better, but didn't  You didn't want to do anything to change it, until the day you had an appointment set, to change your whole life.

Fear can consume everyone, and we get stuck in a slippery slope going nowhere.  Within the example above, just goes to show how far fear can take control of our lives. Relationships, health, opportunities, are all examples what fear can destroy.

What is stopping you from growth and happiness? What’s on the other side of a decision? Why are you scared?

These are all questions we ask ourselves when it comes to fear in any situation.  Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, and leap.  If we don’t get out of our comfort zone and try new things we will end up miserable and stuck for the rest of our lives.

Take the first step! Say “yes, I’ll do it!” Not tomorrow, not next week, make it today.

Many people look at fear as a bad thing. But if we have a different approach to fear and use it to our advantage we can accomplish many great feats. Without fear in our lives we wouldn't be able to grow and experience life to the fullest.

Let fear be the driver to your success and not destruction. Next time you’re invited to do something outside your comfort zone, try it! If there is a job, opportunity, relationship, or experience you want, go for it. Imagine what you could do if you said yes to every opportunity, where would you be?

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