Thursday, October 24, 2013

Music Therapy

It's Monday at 5:30pm, you finally get into your car after a stressful day at work. You realize, it's only Monday and start muttering to yourself.

"How am I ever going to get through this week?" It's routine, day in day out. You've done this before, to a point where you don't even think when you go through your mental check list.

Seat belt, lock doors, mirror, mirror, ignition, time to go home....

Here comes traffic, Your ears begin to bleed from your engine. Stop, go, stop, go, stop.... Great another accident.... Your eyes wander from side to side, and your mind goes blank.. You start to think.

"Maybe I'm stressed? Depressed? I might be having an anxiety attack right now."

Many of us are caught in this situation every day, or similar ones just like it. Whatever the situation, we feel helpless and have no outlet or way to solve this problem. We have all tried to ignore it, but eventually it piles up. We feel like we're suffocating from the depth of anxiety within us. We can't fall asleep at night, our mind races constantly, and all you can think of is how tired you will be tomorrow.

Last resort, you end up putting the radio on. After a couple mindless songs with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, your favourite song comes on! Your head starts bobbing to the beat, your shoulders, and feet follow. Flash backs of your youth practicing Vanilla Ice's dance moves in the mirror run through your mind.

The music takes you over the stress you felt before vanishes and before you know it, your home. "What happened?" You ask yourself. One moment you can't breathe and the next you're on top of the world.

Music has a huge influence in our well being. It can help that quiet teenager who is bullied at school through a rough day, trying to heal the wounds on your heart from that last break up. It can make you forget about that interview coming up, or the everyday stresses of life.

If we allow ourselves time everyday to listen to music to sooth our psychological struggles, life will have colour and purpose. We can have growth and substance in our lives, as it can help develop our individuality.

Music has the ability to make day to day chores seem easy, enhances the exercise experience, and can give an edge to a professional athlete getting ready for the game. Whatever situation you might be in, music has the ability to lift you up.

So what do have to lose? Try it, next time you feel down, turn up those speakers, and let yourself go.

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