Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Market your authentic self.

....and with one click my opinion is validated. Ten & I’m coolio & OMG fifty+... I'm an expert! There are A LOT of experts amongst our networks these days, way more than there used to be when we were productive, sustainable & profitable. We’re privy to their profiles on Linkedin robust with their ultra-ego’s, confirming the demand for their grey matter. If we need more, we can be wowed by their inspiring instagrams or humored by their twerky tweets. It’s a brilliant billion dollar self effacing multi level marketing scheme. 

My favorite? Paid workshops one can attend to learn how to better market themselves... when they already have a job. Translation: we’re marketing you paying money to us - to teach you how to better market an inflated version of you for.... Ah, what do I know maybe I’m in the wrong business.

What I can share is FIVE FREE, NO FRILLS solutions to better market ourselves.

  1. be confident & comfortable with yourself. Your authentic self. If we’re really as cool as some of our projected self’s - there’s no 20BILLION/yr anti depressant play. People appreciate real.
  2. establish a personal set of guiding principles / values. Doesn’t matter what those are – it matters that they’re yours and you’re consistently working them. People like consistency. 
  3. do what you say you’re going to do when you say your going to do it. In the tsunami of inconsistency, you will remain anchored. People gravitate to grounded.
  4. commit to owning what you’ve agreed to be responsible for. Bank the blame, exorcise the excuses don't just do it - OWN it. People recognize leadership.
  5. work smart, work hard, work long & repeat. Make it your mission to become a student of whatever game you chose to play. Every play. Every day. People vaunt winners.  
This may err on the side of old school, but we have to be honest in asking; is new school working for us? 

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