Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Backwards logic.

I am not a philosopher king attempting to impart a radical paradigm shift on society.  I am however keenly interested in observing, following & researching success implementations. Who is achieving high levels of success, what, why & how are they achieving it and when can I learn, implement and benefit from these outcomes.

Having qualified that, I watched a great segment on leading success last weekend on 60 Minutes and am in total agreeance with the main message Don't worry about winning, worry about doing your job, based on 3 commonalities I see & hear every day
  1. A workforce who focuses on the money vs. doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.  
  2. Youth sport parents who focus on goals & scores vs. their kids enjoyment & development. 
  3. A society in general who obsesses about the destination vs. maximizing each day of the journey. 
It is backwards logic. Disproven time after time after time. Take the time to hear how winners are doing it.

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