Saturday, November 02, 2013

Low Back and SI Joint Pain

As trainers, one of the most common complaints of customers is that they are suffering from lower back pain and nerve pain caused by a pinch in the sciatic nerve. There are numerous reasons that this occurs (overuse, poor posture, too much sitting, injury from training) but I'd like to look at what to do if this occurs.

The following is a program I wrote for individuals who want to begin working on healing this condition and getting back into being fully functional. Ive used youtube videos to exemplify what is being presented. I take no rights for the videos, just used for presentational info.

What to do Before Activity:

Glute Activation

1) Hip Bridges x 10

2) Fire Hydrants x 10/leg

3) Glute Alphabets – Get in quadraped position, extend one leg straight back and spell the alphabet with your foot. Repeat for both legs.


1) Atlas Lunges

2) Figure Four/Craddle Walks

3) Butt Kicks (Dynamic and with added quad stretch)


4) High Knees (Dynamic and with added glute stretch)

5) Leg Swings (Hip Abd/Add and Flex/Ext)

What to do After Activity


1) Foam Roller – Whole lower body, Upper Back, T-Spine.

2) Full Lower Body Stretch, including Lunge Stretch (HF and quad), Figure Four Stretch, Supine Hip IR Stretch, 3 Way Hamstring stretch w/ rope (knee straight and bent), and Hip 90/90 stretch.

3) Also stretch their lats as well. You’d be surprised how much that can influence the low back/SIJ

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