Friday, November 22, 2013

Planning to fail in 2014?

If you are part of the majority who enter the year, month, week and day without a concrete plan and wonder why you are unable to get the results you seek... wonder no more.

There’s a fundamental habit to success and it’s called planning. While successful people learn to master planning, unsuccessful people use adjectives like OCD and excuses to the effect of it’s all up here to scramble in chaos. In 20 years of building successful business, planning, through goal setting & time management has been the cornerstone.

Here are 5 quick tips to crafting a yearly plan.

  1. anchor your plans with a personal mission statement. This is the go to statement designed to ground you not matter what happens during the year. You need to own it. *suggestion, pick the biggest area of improvement... and drop anchor.
  2. break the year into quarters. The 1st quarter – Jan1 – Mar 30th should be completed no later than Dec 15th because like pavlovian dogs, our brains shut down on/around the 15th. Subsequent quarters should be planned no more than 15 days prior to their beginning; prior to Mar 15th for April-June, prior to June 15th for Jul-Sep and prior to Sept 15th for Oct-Dec. If you want to be like the heard, wait until Jan 1st or Monday morning to schedule your weekly appointments and wonder why things don’t happen until February & Thursday.
  3. break your plan into the verticals that are important to you; physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, financial & family are a few examples. Compile relevant information in those verticals with as much detail as you possibly can.
  4. be specific with your goals. eg: it’s not good enough to throw the dream down on a piece of paper without identifying a who, what, where, why, how & when. This bridges the gap between dreaming and doing. The world is full of dreamers, lean on doers.
  5. once complete, take your finished plan into a daytimer / scheduler and start booking appointments. Share your plan with your family, friends and coworkers to let them know what your expectations are and where,when & how exactly they fit in.
The saying failing to plan is planning to fail is a truth and the more responsibility you have, the greater the need to plan your ability to respond. The world profits from you being distracted & unorganized so stop paying into that system of insantiy. 

Waste less time, by planning more shit.

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