Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That which is measured gets done.

It doesn’t matter who said it, it matters that it was said and is true. While the majority of society fears this statement there is an emerging movement by successful people who assimilate the definition of accountability to another success-noun called sustainability. We’ve already discussed how the majority society evaluates their performance, which is probably why calls for higher levels of accountability have resurfaced as things get real.

Today's blog post doesn’t read like a self help book revealing the main point on page 7 and then repeating it over another 250 pages worth of redundant examples. 

  • If you want something to get done, assign a tangible, quantitative, objective value to it and watch it happen at a thousand multiple 
  • if you don't really care, jot down a lofty goal and avoid any tangible, quantitative, objective measure that shows you succeeded.
That which is measured  - gets done. period.

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