Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We need to feed the system.

An opportunity presented itself with respect to our alma matter’s sports programs potentially being put on the chopping block. We’ll save the minutia & politics for another blog, the focus of this blog is feeding the system

I can vividly recall how excited players got when it was that time of year to line up and collect our scholarship monies. For some, it replaced cash already spent and for others it was a necessary start to budgeting a new semester. Regardless, it was needed and appreciated.

Turns out that our current alumni contributions account for approx 6% of the annual operating budget of our sport which is approx 750k/yr total. *this 6% comes from a handful of contributors vs. the alumni on mass.
As a comparative, a Div 1 US College School’s alum account for 70% contribution to their annual budget which is approx 15M/yr.  While there are many factors in this example of comparing apples to oranges, the fact remains a substantially greater percentage of alumni contribute to the preservation & sustenance of their collegiate sport in the USA - than they do in Canada. 

Given the social media frenzy that accompanied our initial announcement, the online petitions and general consensus that eliminating ‘high expense, low return sports’ was unacceptable, I suspected the fix would be easy.

  1. Contact the former alum, many of whom happily lined up to collect scholarships from one contributor,
  2. Present the gravity & reality of our situation
  3. Table a reasonable solutions; eg: each alum contributes 1k/yr for the balance of 5 years with the goal getting 100 alumni contributors per year. It's $83/mth. 
The silence became deafening and while I understand the challenging economy, this impact of the displacement of 56 men carries a much more significant ripple effect across our province at many levels.  

Straight up boys, we need to plant the seeds in order to sew the field, or there will be no crops for future generations to reap.

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seanverret said...

Unfortunately Matt, too many people are financially strapped and live beyond their means. This is particularly evident in a place like BC and the lower mainland with housing prices and their associated first, second and third mortgages are at extreme levels.

Just as the same players may have been lining up for scholarships, these same players are lining up at the bank, or secondary lender looking for the "easier" way to make ends meet.

It's too bad, but things like University Football to alma matter aren't as important as that new car, flat screen tv that they took the third mortgage on their home out to pay for.