Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Organizational politics.

Play nice, stroke the ego’s, don’t rock the boat and you’re safe. Safe with the old boys/girls group who sits comfortably atop their perch of power wielding their decision making might. Well versed at saying no, (sometimes even before they even hear the proposition) no one could have possibly thought of some thing... some way they hadn’t already thought of. Behold, the politics of [insert organization here].

In our case, it is the politics of our children’s health. We can assure you the reason our children do not get the resources they need to become & remain healthy has EVERYTHING to do with politics. The evidence, expertise, tools and solutions all exist however the opportunity to collaborate & cooperate... comes with conditions. Like many societal ailments, the solution takes second place to who's flag will be flying atop the mountain. But be careful because two words have emerged that will forever change that landscape. Open. Source.

We no longer need to pay for your blessing or beg for funding because IF we’re good enough, we can bypass you and get direct to consumer. The very funnel you have attempted to block, has been blown wide open. While you try to monetize your monopoly, we can offer better assets at no cost. While you try to control who gets the cred, we can guerilla market and in doing so, achieve our own cred. People are tired of being manipulated, controlled and taken advantage of. And if you have not noticed, paradigms are being turned on their heads.

My son asked the question to the effect of  “why swimupstream?”. Somehow, somewhere he’d seen the program, heard the comment... and now wanted answers. This is what parents live for, a self initiated teachable moment.  I explained the majority of people in life are happy to contently float downstream. Floating downstream requires little effort as the path & pace are predetermined for you. While the masses float downstream, there are always 1-2 feverishly swimming upstream. Working against the current, they cling onto the riverbanks, find eddies to rest & recover and start all over again. Those floating downstream usually mock those swimming upstream. What are they doing? Why are they working so hard? Where are they going?  So I asked him. What’s at the bottom of every river? “a waterfall”. Yes and what’s at the top of every river “ a lake”. Where do you rather end up? 

Don’t subscribe to organizational politics - challenge shit. People who challenge the conventional norm are the people we read about with admiration vs. contempt.

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