Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SOME Hockey Parents are Idiots.

Last week I heard the story of two minor hockey teams from same association, same age group (different tiers) who did not want to stay in the same hotel at a tournament they were both participating in.
As I had no personal ties to the situation, it was easy to form a quick & unbiased what the #%&^ are we doing to youth sports... opinion. By we, I refer to (and include) the association, the coaches, the managers and... the parents because I’m almost 1000% certain in this example that kids in the same age group DO NOT HAVE INNATE HANGUPS regarding who plays for which team in minor league hockey.

No... that’s reserved for the parents, who’s fragile ego’s once again prevent them from understanding that youth sports is merely a dress rehearsal for life vs. a try out for the NHL. It is also reserved for managers who lack the confidence to tell people they are idiots, coaches who don’t think about the sustainability and longevity of an association and associations who (by doing nothing) enable this behavior to a degree.
At 10-17, I could not think of anything more enjoyable than spending a weekend with 1-34 of my friends period.

And as the winter season winds down it’s time to reflect on the top five most embarrassing adult moments I’ve witnessed across 2013/14 hockey.

5. The aforementioned example for the aforementioned reasons. Who teaches to judge & hate? 
4. The parent(s) who openly explain how their kids are rewarded for $coring goals. Clearly, you have no clue
3. The parent who took to social media to explain the trauma & impact of precious not making the rep team. Keep that shit to yourself. 
2. The serial 'letter to the association' writers. Usually the same people with the same beef every year. I'll say what they can't. YOUR KID IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE THE LEVEL YOU THINK HE/SHE IS. 
1. The parents who yell. Yell at the refs, the coaches, other parents, their kids on the ice "go go - shoot shoot" and finally their kids in the car. YOU.ARE.A.LOSER. Stop modeling loser behaviour.  

AGAIN. It’s time to give the game of hockey (all sports) BACK to those elected & hired to oversee, coach and manage it and STOP overcompensating for your lack of professional success. 

You're making yourself look like an idiot.

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