Friday, January 31, 2014

The Energy Roller coaster.

So we’re one month into the year and the question is; where are you on the 2014 Energy Roller coaster? You know the one that see’s you rocking out the highs of high... followed by plummeting to the lows of low. Ah – but then something great happens and you’re up....and then we lose something again and you’re down. We see people going around... and around... and around the yearlong ride simply unable to get off.

Riding the Energy Roller coaster can be exhausting, so the 64 million dollar question is; how do we get off?

First, it’s important to preface I am not a psychologist. I’m a guy with some experience and a limited knowledge of basic psychological principles. What I do know is the 1st step to getting off the energy roller coaster is not getting on it in the first place.  The moment we entertain life is one big awesome ride which, when it gets too bumpy or scary we simply get off and do something else, is the moment we’ve lost our money. Lets try to avoid continually chasing all those big new shiny things by creating & maintaining  a realistic plan that enables us to invest larger amounts of time cultivating the great things right in front of us.

Second, lets take the peak & valley profile and flatten it out by pulling both ends. We don’t need to overreact to the little things the same way we don’t need to internalize the big things. Deploy the KISS principle and keep it simple stupid. 

Last, let's try to remained focused on our plan & KISS principle through the course of the day, week, month and year. If something enhances our guiding principals, we include it in our repertoire, if it doesn’t we don’t let ourselves become distracted and taken off course. Periodic self checks can help keep us grounded and tracking steady on our success path.

The less time we spend on the energy roller coaster, the more time we have to enjoy all the other great things life's amusement park has to offer. 

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