Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Two Mile Moat.

During a sports psychology lecture, the question arose “what do we need to watch out for as we venture into entrepreneurial territory” and without hesitation, I replied the two mile moat. The two mile moat is the hypothetical right of passage between an entrepreneurs safe zone and the start line.

Mile 1. The first mile of the moat is filled with naysayers. From well intentioned family projecting the “why don’t you just take the easier route” to ‘concerned’ friends who tell you how much their making while working half the amount of time you are, to the general entrepreneurial atheist who is so risk averse they’ll share horror stories of businesses ventures gone wrong just so you won’t suffer the same fate. Tread carefully through this section, heeding advice from only those YOU seek. 

Mile 2. The second mile of the moat is filled with those who’ve got a better way. Based on... [we’re not really sure what this is based on], many in this wave have finally accepted the fact you’re going to make it to your start line and simply want to add their 2 cents on what & how you can make your idea better, given their wide berth of unrelated successes. Expect to hear comments ranging from “no no no, this is what you’ve got to do” to the “well I ran a successful business that has NOTHING to do with the road you’re heading down, and here's my advice”.

Clearing the two Mile Moat is the 1st step towards your entrepreneurial freedom. Naturally, we must recognize most hesitation is actually well intended. The key is to remain mentally strong and if you need to check out the pre-requisites to be mentally strong - check here.

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