Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Why we need to listen to what we don't want to hear.

 “Don’t tell them what they need to hear. Tell them what they want to hear” Ron Burgandy – Anchorman 2.
And with that, we launched (albeit satirically) into news becoming entertainment vs. investigative reporting.

  1. the weatherman in compromising situations.
  2. the live car chases to capture & keep our attention
  3. bringing it home with cute animals leaving us feeling warm and fuzzy
The fact this satirical recipe is actually incorporated into our weekly news diet says a lot about us. The fact this recipe is incorporated into our daily interactions says even more. We’ve gone as far as creating business opportunities around “acknowledging people’s opinions with an ear, smile & accolades.... and zero intention of implementing any of them” I attended the seminar... bought the book and left confused. 

I'm not good at it. This isn’t to say I won’t keep trying to improve; listening, asking questions, honing guiding principles, offering suggestions, using kind language or telling people what they want to hear - but it doesn’t come naturally. 

I think people should be left behind. I don't think every idea is the next best thing and I think sometimes there's a place for people to deliver need to hear news.... minus the kitten. 

The 64 million dollar question, which has been answered many times over eg: sub prime fiasco is are we really benefiting from want to hear news? I leave you with probably one of the better TED talks I've listened to entitled: TED TALKS DON'T WORK. 

"If we invest in things that make us feel good, but which don’t work, and don’t invest in things that don’t make us feel good but which may solve problems, than our fate is that in the long run it will just get harder and harder to feel good about not solving problems" 


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