Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What difference are you making?

This is Paul Watson, founder and President of the animal rights and environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation. Paul has dedicated a greater part of his life to protecting our planets mammals; whales to be specific. In the face of international politics Paul and his team can often be found in the middle of the relentless sea being peppered with water cannons, smoke bombs and rammed by massive fishing vessels. The team has managed to change their perception from rogue tree huggers to marine wildlife conservationists in the span of a decade.

We should admire anyone who takes it upon themselves to make a difference in the name of the betterment of our planet.

We hear people whining about their circumstance every day. Bitching, moaning, talking but stopping well short of any meaningful difference making effort. We're so used to it, we haven't noticed it's become a bad habit. There are fewer and fewer examples of difference makers like Paul and his team.
They say we're not compelled to action unless the right conditions are in place. Those conditions include fear, greed, crisis and/or love. Fear and greed because they play to our ego's. We've reached a point in time where we can actually manipulate our environment to elicit the outcomes we want.
We see people band together during periods of crisis, but unlike Paul's team saving whales out of love and respect, our cooperation and movement are normally reserved for events such as national disasters.... and we don't often forget to grab the selfie of our participation.

I'd like to see more love based difference making. I think the world needs more love. I think more love can help us see all the opportunities we have to make a difference. So perhaps it's a self audit asking ourselves what difference we're making? Difference being what are we doing over the next hour, day, week, year, to make others; family, friends, workplace, community, city, province and country.... better. We must identify those things that matter and  ensure we're giving back something, anything to make a difference.

Let's aim to be our own small / medium or large version of Paul Watson and make a difference. 


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