Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Too much information.

I was as content as everyone in spamming my life's every detail across social media until I learned through strategic business applications how that information can be manipulated, bought & utilized by data brokers. The segment on 60Minutes this past weekend was another great reminder of the fact we're probably a little too generous [read: careless] in terms of the quantity and quality of information we share.

I'm much more discerning where I spend time on the web and who I share information with. In terms of social media, did I really need to friend people I didn't know or have a connection with? Would I invite someone into my personal space and let them shuffle through my private things? Of course not. So why did I do it in my virtual world? Ego I suppose. 

We've heard the horror stories of predators taking advantage of the vulnerable, thieves breaking into houses when they've learned we're on vacation and our 20th century affinity documenting our every activity and tagging our whereabouts puts us at increasingly greater risk.

It may be time to dial it back, share only the information we control. One day the masses will  extract themselves completely from social media choosing to live off the grid. Truth be told, I don't want or need to see & hear people's steady stream of information, which means the same thing's probably true the other way.

We must be responsible in not providing too many people, too much information. 

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