Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is the purpose of coaching?

Researched this topic over the weekend, found this diagram and liked the relevance in defining the purpose of coaching. This subject matter's importance spans the gamut from kids, to students, athletes (by connection, parents), new, tenured & veteran part & full time employees to mentees & mentors. 

The purpose of coaching is to challenge the willing participant to move from their comfort zones into their learning zones.

Any coach, parent, manager, teacher, boss or mentor worth the designation they've received recognizes your current performance abilities but (unlike you, who may lack the knowledge, skill sets or experience at present)....... also recognizes your FULL POTENTIAL and challenges you to get there.

The process of challenging you to evolve from your performance zone into your learning zone is going to be uncomfortable but it is in this zone, where your willingness to expand your learning zone will ultimately determine your ability to achieve your true potential. Anyone being coached must understand this (in fact, it would be awesome if this was taught early and often in elementary school). As we've reiterated, personal & professional growth is 100% contingent on your willingness to embrace being challenged OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

Understand the purpose of coaching. Be coachable!

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