Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Where is your magic happening?

Theoretically speaking, people get this quote. If you posted it on social media, it would have likes, re-tweets and +1's. Practically speaking, people don't understand a) this quote refers to themselves & b) isn't a once / life or year thing.

To get to the place where magic happens we need to put ourselves out of our comfort zones. This means we need to be vulnerable. However, our ego's are programmed to protect us from being vulnerable at all costs. We tell ourselves stories and then repeat & stick to those stories until they are engrained in our psychology. These stories normally containing adjectives & phrases explaining why not, can't, couldn't, won't and do very little to demonstrate magic.

What happens when someone else tries to help us reconfigure our story from a different lens? I've come across this numerous times managing people who suggest they welcome unfiltered feedback for the purpose of personal & professional development. This process is normally followed by;
  • denying, fighting & arguing the feedback  
  • blaming someone / something else
Conclusion: Comfort zone. No magic. 

I've also come across this through challenging people to explore outside of their physical & mental comfort zones. That process is normally followed by;
  • resisting, fighting & fearing the unknown
  • reluctantly go along with minimal investment (so if it doesn't work - we have a reason)
  • experience low & medium levels of success (based on the investment)  
  • reluctantly acknowledging, appreciating & reflecting on the journey / process (not owning it)
  • sprinting back to the proverbial comfort zone as fast as possible.
Conclusion: Comfort zone. No magic. 

The great part about getting outside our comfort zones is it is where the magic happens. That feeling of "I did it" and being on top of the world creates the opportunity for new, much more interesting stories. These should be the stories we aspire to recreate. These should be the stories that are told and retold.

Don't give excuses. Give reasons. Reasons to be where the magic happens.

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