Friday, May 30, 2014

Drugging your children?

According to the latest Macleans article, if you're feeding them excess amounts of sugar in steady daily doses, you most certainly are. The Coles Notes are sugar is an equivalent to illegal stimulants in terms of it's affect on the brain function / dysfunction. Similar to said illegal stimulants, once we get a sample we crave more to the point where our cravings become an addiction. It's no longer a glass of water, it's flavored water. It's no longer foods in their natural state, it's flavored foods & additives. We have perpetuated a serious problem that is having serious repercussions on the quality of life of our children, which we continue to ignore. Convenience? I suggest sheer laziness. There is no excuse.

Coincidentally, we received our national report card for physical activity last week with a familiar &  according FAILING grade. Again our inability to get our s!!t together, has adversely affected our kids who are becoming increasingly placated to the point of inactivity. 'Have some sugar, watch tv' and we will scratch our heads as to why we're becoming increasingly inactive, unhealthy and unproductive.
*and we won't even get started on 'no kid left behind' mandate.

Parents. This should be a wake up opportunity for us. Lets STOP trying to create that perfect, adversity free life where we substitute food & distractions in lieu of empowering solid, foundational parenting. Yes we understand everyone is just trying to do their best however frankly our best is nowhere near good enough.

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