Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The reality of the road to the finish line.

Be honest, you've attempted something you thought would be way easier than it was. It's funny how easy we think everything is based on our perceptions & assumptions vs the reality. Truth is, we're usually only privy to the tip of the proverbial iceberg while having no idea to the large mass in place to anchor it's transparency.

And pressing on despite the hurdles is what separates the wannabees  from the committed. Want to know what you're made of? Want to test someone else's metal? Create adversity for you/them and see how you/they react. Do we hesitate, slow down, turn back, make excuses or do we engage, speed up, forge ahead & create solutions? Do we quit or do we do whatever it takes to see things through the finish line?

We've all heard that anything worth achieving is going to be difficult, yet somehow we don't believe that applies to ourselves. I just witnessed this example in our 2nd start up business. Five times prior, the doomsday clock reported 11:59:59 but this time, we were 20 steps away from giving our last team mate his working notice when the rabbit was yanked from the hat. Suddenly, we were back in business and the bandwagon one again roared towards the finish line.

We're all chasing finish lines of some sort in our lives and must understand that path leading up to them.... is not always going to be easy. Never Quit. Finish Shit.

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