Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i sold a technology company

Five words I can assure you no teacher across 17 years of my education would ever associate with my name. But come on... a humblebrag 1st thing Wed morning? Not exactly. This is a quick true story being shared to inspire you to go for your gold through five 'secrets to success'.... which every one of us have access to if we chose.

Step 1. Find your passion
    My passion is sports, health & fitness. I discovered the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual & benefits at an early age and knew it was for me. I chose Kinetics in University, played varsity sport and continue to challenge myself with new physical pursuits on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Finding my passion helped shape a career that's not a job.

Step 2. Identify your skillset
    I think my skillset includes the ability to bring people together towards a common goal. I'd also like to think I'm able to look at complex problems and propose KISS solutions to provide the outcomes we're after minus the drama normally lobbed up as reasoning for not attaining our goals.

Step 3. Roll up your sleeves
    NOTHING is coming without solid, hard work. NOTHING is guaranteed until there's a signature on a contract. NOTHING is going to be gifted, granted or guaranteed while pursuing your passion (even with your skillset). NOTHING has an arbitrary ROI that cannot usually be predicted and normally out of your control. What's in your control is how much effort you're willing to invest each day.

Step 4. Sacrifice & stay confident.
    I remember going into a bank after University, applying for a credit card and being declined *(they give credit cards to students). Went back to another bank for a business loan and was declined. Missed the 1yr travel 'find myself' period,  post University party period and living la-vida-loca 25-30's period (though I have managed to carve out copious amounts of fun). I've invested good money in bad concepts stared criticism (just & unjust) in the face. I've been told no - can't - shouldn't - won't etc from respected business associates to know it all / know-nothing assholes who wanted to see me fail..... and kept on going. If you're not willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals, you're not going to achieve your goals. You must also remain confident when detractors try to bring you down. 

Step 5. Attract / Embrace & Empower TEAM.
    NONE of any success I've achieved has come from being 'the man'. Life is meant to be an ecosystem of collusion & collaboration and ultimate success is very difficult to achieve without the support of good & great people. We've found, empowered and aligned with good & great people throughout our journey.

So I sold a technology company. All the process reinforced was the reality that my other passions, given my skillsets, desire to work hard & smart, ability to sacrifice and surround myself with good & great people are also attainable and that means so are yours!

Don't settle, guess, wait, doubt or go it alone. Plug yourself into the formula that's worked for many and accomplish your Shi!!

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