Monday, August 18, 2014

Suffocating under the weight of ignorance.

First things first let's meet Jim.

It was interesting to read the backlash to this very real, very honest infomercial. "Oh yeah, blame the parents", "This is prejudice against overweight people" and on and on. Here's the reality folks. Obesity is a controllable death sentence that's also crippling global economies. Millions have been spent trying to passively & non offensively educate the population on the adverse ramifications of obesity. For the most part, we've chosen not to listen (eg: statistically trending towards unhealthy populations). But why would we / should we listen or take action?
  1. there's zero tangible accountability for living an unhealthy lifestyle eg: healthy lifestyles are optional. 
  2. we don't view this global epidemic as 'our problem' eg: I know MANY PEOPLE raising obese children who would watch Jim's video and hope other people 'get it'
  3. we've justified & prioritized profiting from the obesity epidemic over solving it.  
  • The research industry receiving MILLIONS in grant after grant for study after study validating how being overweight is negatively affecting our productivity. Thanks.
  • The health & fitness industry profiting BILLIONS promising those who want to keep doing what they're doing can achieve better health with this pill, that membership, this miracle cure
  • The pharmaceutical industry making BILLIONS creating drugs that manage the symptoms of obesity to provide 'better quality of life'
  • The fast food industry profiting BILLIONS in serving up cheap, processed food while placating us with their 1-15 ratio of healthy-to-processed food choices
  • The technology & gaming industry generating BILLIONS from feeding our addictive & insatiable appetite for instant gratification
  • The medical industry continuing to invest BILLIONS in downstream medical care vs.  investing in upstream prevention. 
  • *ever wonder a) if we invested 50% of these total monies into a solution, we would make great inroads to solving this epidemic or b) why don't we mandate these organizations contribute to a health care solution using a percentage of their profits as they are clearly part of the problem? 
With all of the above, the 64 Trillion dollar question remains, do we (as a majority population) stand a chance of living healthier lifestyles? The answer to that is a sum total of the parts, beginning with us. 
  1. Do you know what healthy choices are? Do you make them 80% of the time? Do you have consequences for making and/or not making them? 
  2. Did you decide to have children? Do you understand what that responsibility entails pertaining to their health? Do you parent to make your children 'feel good' now or do you parent to make your children 'be empowered' to thrive later? 
  3. Did you choose to live in a community? Do you simply live and take from that community or are you contributing to it's sustenance, growth and preservation? Do you voice your opinion to those who can make change?   
  4. Do you pay attention to what's going on in your province? Do you vote? Do you do your diligence on the candidates you're voting in and their platforms? Do you voice your opinion to those who can make change? 
  5. Do you reap the benefits of living in your country? Do you pull on a red & white jersey every four years and become vocal when we win hockey? Do you vocalize your opinions to those who can make change?
Until more than 50% (17.44M of Canada's 34.88M population) can answer yes to all 5 questions above, we will continue to suffocate under the weight of our ignorance. 


seanverret said...

One of your best posts Matt. Nice work.

steve podborski said...

Hey Matt, If you cannot answer yes to all 5 then you have to wonder what is important to people. Still, it is a process to finding your way to a correct life, but seeing that it is possible and knowing others are there already provides motivation for people to get to the next level. Thanks for being a leader.