Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seek to be informed ourselves vs. entertained by others.

                        If we are to evolve, we must learn to think for ourselves.

The past couple of weeks have been a steady diet of drama in the media. Drama that boosts ratings, sells magazines and flat out consumes time and energy. I dislike drama. If it doesn't affect myself or those close to me, I'm inclined to pretend I'm paying attention while not really not paying attention.

I think drama, and it's perpetuation is like junk food for those who are to lazy to prepare healthy meals. Drama is normally associated by other people thinking for us and drama is BIG business. Here are five strategies to avoid getting sucked into the drama vortex.
  1.  Stay focused & busy. Busy, focused people don't have time to entertain drama because, well... they're focused & busy. 
  2. Avoid reacting to drama. Once people understand you're not their audience, they will (hopefully) get lost and find someone else (more like them) to share their perils of bullshit.
  3. Don't pay drama forward. Drama makes a living by virtue of mutation as it passes through the desired networks. It quickly becomes blown out of proportion.
  4. Challenge what you're being fed. Challenge it by being non judgmental and putting yourself in the shoes of those at the center of the conversations. We've all got faults.
  5. Invest in other forms of entertainment. The same mindset that's used to find drama can be used to find goodness and greatness. (and there's a lot of it).
Big business and small people bank on us subscribing to their entertainment. It's called fear mongering and it presents an opportunity to up-sell more bullshit. Let's entertain a new approach, something novel, requiring a little bit of work. Let's think for ourselves.

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