Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The key to success is execution.

     Whether in sport, business or the sport of business more times than less, the key to success lies squarely on people's ability to execute. Execute the plays as they are drawn up or the operation systems as they are configured. So if there are only a finite number of  championship teams across any league and one in five businesses makes it to the five year mark what are the factors limiting our ability to execute.
  1. Experience. Experience is something that comes with time & tenure. As we venture further into mature business life, systems & operations become more complicated which take more time to learn. The better the plays & systems have been configured and communicated, the flatter the learning curve. Given the transient nature of our modern work environment, our ability achieve stability & consistency adversely affect our ability to achieve consistency which affects our ability execute. 
  2. EGO. So much time & effort are spent building people up in the early stages of their lives & careers that sometimes they begin to believe their our own hype. Suddenly they convince themselves they no longer need the support & expertise from those in coaching & managerial positions. Further, with the access to information, we have WAY more know it all's believing they can build better mousetraps than those before them. This begins the race to the bottom and impedes our ability to execute.
  3. Outdated operation manuals. There are many times when the play books or operations manuals are simply out of date yielding a competitive disadvantage. If left unchecked, this deeply hurts our ability to execute to the extent we'd like to become that winning team or organization.
  4. Distractions. There are too many distractions in our modern day work environment vying for our focus and making it difficult to stay on task. In most cases, few of us have learned and then  demonstrated the discipline to compartmentalize our focus and attend to the immediate tasks & responsibilities. Our minds wander, our actions follow as we are taken further away from the desired execution outcomes. 
  5. Bigger Picture Attitude. More than less, the ability to field a championship team or organization relies heavily on the teams ability to operate outside of themselves. Team success, is the sum total of the individual parts. When we introduce unmotivated, self serving parts into the team scheme, it brings the machine to a halt quickly and stops our ability to execute. 

Ask yourself if where you'd like to be is where you actually are? If the answer is no, chances are it's an execution problem. The good news is YOU have direct control over it. 

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