Wednesday, September 24, 2014

There are no excuses for success.

     I've got a neat twice a week dialogue with a young man who requested leadership advice in exchange for his crafts six months ago. Over those six months I've listened to him describe various work situations and his accompanying perspective. Yesterday we had an AHA moment but up until yesterday, this young man did what every single LEVEL THREE LEADER does when provided with feedback; #1. blame others & #2. make excuses. I finally asked him if he was consciously aware he was doing this, to which he replied he was not. This time, I listened to a story that was followed up with what he could, should & would have done to take a leadership role in bringing about the desired success he sought. Eureka!

There's so much talk about how to be successful it's almost deafening but regardless of the good & great intentions the real test comes when it's time for the rubber to hit the road. We've said it before, the book of success does not need re-writing, it's contents simply need to be executed. Consistently.

Below are 10 tips to success we've benefited from implementing over two decades of business. 
  1. Maintain a clear focus. We're an easily distracted species, yet those who achieve a great level of success share a common goal; focus. They do not let themselves get sidetracked from the end goal until they have achieved or surpassed it. 
  2. Be willing to embrace failure. Failure is a precursor to success and if you're not one of those people who can take the lessons and apply them forward, you'll limit your ceiling of success.
  3. Take full responsibility for both failure & success. Blamers & reluctant leaders are not usually successful people. Successful people own both the failures and successes which enables them to learn & grow from their experiences.
  4. Be prepared to work smart & hard. With the volume of people on the planet, success often comes down to who wants it most. We seldom read stories of those who made it big because they were gifted success, with admiration.
  5. Master empowering others. Very few successes come from solo missions. In the professional ecosystem, you must hone your ability to lead & empower others to be as or more competent and confident than yourself for things to scale. 
  6. Master consistent. There are way too many examples of people being consistently inconsistent. Success is a formula that needs to be applied every day, across every play in order to work long term. 
  7. Say what you intend to do and then do what you said. The quickest way to differentiate yourself in a big-talking marketplace is delivering on your word. Make the statement that engages and then go out and get the job done. 
  8. Be prepared to go & do what the majority will not. Delay gratification, get up & go to bed early, treat your body well, and apply 1-10 across as many examples as you can. There's no traffic jam on high road to success. Believe me. 
  9. Be confident. Really successful people have a quiet confidence to understand what others may not; vision, process, zig-zags & solutions. There's a big difference between confidence & arrogance. Learn it.
  10. Master execution. A high percent of success-inhibitors stem from an inability to execute plays, processes & systems they way they are drawn up. Successful teams & organizations MASTER the art of execution. 
If you want to taste success, and become a LEVEL FIVE LEADER, you're going to have to be wiling, at minimum to master most of these basic yet essential fundamentals.

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