Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anchor your focus & achieve success.

    Each year, I drop the anchor by way of creating a personal mission statement. A personal mission statement is a concise statement of intent which all actions & outcomes must meet prior to engaging. If actions & outcomes do not support the personal mission statement, I don't engage them.

I craft this in Oct / Nov for the upcoming year because I found floundering and waiting for the clock to strike midnight on Jan 1 was a waste of precious time. I hate wasting my time. I draft the PMS based on input from trusted business and personal peers who provide me with need to hear vs want to hear feedback on how I can improve. It becomes a cathartic and effective process.

This past years PMS was Next Level, meaning actions and outcomes must be purposefully and intentionally leading my physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual spheres to the next level. Does this practice work? It does. While I'll spare the humble brag of achievements accomplished from Nov to Nov, I will broadly share it was one of the most productive and enjoyable years I've had to date. All of the planning was done up front and then it was simply a matter of execution (which is actually not that simple). 2015's personal mission statement is efficiency, meaning the focus will be to become even more efficient with time & energies invested across the five spheres to achieve the outcomes I'm after. *Note. I did not invent this process, I simply execute it at a high level.

I'm obviously big on goal setting & time management as a framework for success. Where there's no plan, there's no purpose and no point. It's like getting in a car to drive to a destination that you have no idea where it is and wondering why you're wasting time, driving aimlessly & getting frustrated. This practice starts with a personal mission statement and then follows up with specific goals (with timelines) down the personal and professional verticals. If you've found yourself struggling to get ahead or stay on track give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

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