Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Don't forget to turn the filter on!

    I received an FB invite yesterday from a friend who I'd thought was already a friend. As I've experienced this before with spam I double checked with her to see if she'd indeed sent the new request to which she replied she had. Curiously, I asked why she'd created a new page to which she replied "I'm re-establishing my authentic self". I liked the honesty of that answer so much that it prompted me to devote an hr of time during a youth sporting event to filter my friend list. *What's important to articulate is the people I had accepted friendship from or engaged friendship with are/were all good & great people. There was no sour grapes or c-ya attitude, simply a conscious decision to better control information I share & who I share it with. While the process was cathartic, it made me think about the volume of unfiltered information we tend to share.

Given the nature of social media, I can't help but wonder if we'll look back 10-20 years from now and wonder what the f*@k were we thinking. There are fewer precious & private moments as it's become more like a race to share information with as many people as we can than savor those private moments. I mean, if we want to learn how to make a bomb, its two clicks away. If we want to find out about more than we need to know about someone, it's a search engine & see all.
On a deeper more conscious level we've all seen and heard people rushing to take the selfie that "will make a great photo for facebrag". I think that is as sad as it is great, because we've become less focused on being in that moment and fully embracing that than we are about sharing what we've half absorbed with others. Sometimes strangers.

I think it's also similar to the self imparted real world pressure we face to have to be friends with  everyone we meet. We don't. And there's actually nothing wrong with that. I admire those who are not frequent fliers of social media or the mainstream cliques. Ironically, most of those people happen to be some of the most accomplished, influential and successful people I know. So perhaps there's something here (read : value) through the example. And while I don't profess to have all the answers, I can share how appreciative I was of this random filter reminder.

Don't feel the need SPAM yourself to everybody - filter it and get the people and results you're really after.

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