Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why Innovative Fitness is AWESOME.

    Yes, I'm absolutely biased in this assessment of this business, but to be involved in something that brings so much empowerment to so many, is something to be proud of. Founded over 20 years ago, IF emerged after many hours of planning during our French 400 class at UBC. Two young, ambitious, business-raw athlete's determined they wanted to match their innate & learned skill sets with their passion for helping people achieve their goals.

The name "Innovative Fitness" was tongue in cheek as it came at a time when the industry was trying to revolutionize health & fitness. Twenty years later, we still know there to be few sustainable short cuts to healthy living and Innovative still thrives on old school fundamental principles of goal setting, eliciting support, working through adversities and achieving personal victories.

Here are the top 10 reasons Innovative Fitness is AWESOME.
  1. We're TEAM centric. While our industry & society vaunt the "celebrity trainer", IF is able to scale further, faster for you vis a vis a team mentality which means we can positively affect more people.We bring allied health care providers together. It's not about "listening to me vs them", it's about your health at the epicenter and all of us ensuring you are well taken care of. Ego's left at the door please.
  2. We're focused on the bigger picture. Ultimate health is not simply physical prowess. Ultimate health is a combination of emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual AND physical well being. We're big on the mental as well as the physical.
  3. We strive for excellence. Excellence is consistently doing the little things well day in and day out. Excellence is what everyone deserves from every business in the service industry.
  4. We encompass personal development. The goal for our incoming team mates is to have them leave our organization (inside or out) better than they started. Confidence, competence & contacts for life.
  5. We're all about engagement. Unlike most 'gyms' who set up shop to sell memberships they hope very few use, we want to see you early and often. In fact, we'd love to see more of you... working on you.
  6. We will challenge you. Without challenge, there's limited adversity. Where there's limited adversity, there are few genuine personal victories read: limited growth. We all know, you're either getting busy living or...
  7. We give back to our communities. That's right. We started our own charity supporting physical literacy. If we can help kids move mor confidently and competently out of the gates, we eradicate many downstream diseases.
  8. We focus on you. It's not about 'us', we can all be replaced (if we're doing our jobs right). What matters is you, your needs, wants and goals. There are trainers out there who may forget that from time to time.
  9. The people you meet. From all walks of life, from all athletic abilities, from all spans of goals. The people you will meet and share experiences with are some of the most generous, best, caring, savvy men & woman in our communities.
  10. The places you'll see. Yup, from local hikes you never even knew existed to remote corners of the world. We'll help you pick a goal, draft the plan and get you there safely with a 10/10 fun factor.
So there you go, Innovative Fitness: Empowering people since 1995. 

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