Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Death by Profit.

I had the chance to watch a recent documentary produced by the BBC called The Men Who Made Us Fat. Little in this documentary was surprising vis a vis, our obesity epidemic was, is and will continue to be fuelled by profitability.

Food & diet:
  1. profitability by governments to encourage mass farming movement creating cheap fructose to be the food additive de jour. 
  2. profitability by food companies to capitalize on the reduced fat movement, by swapping in sugar & more dangerous additives (mid to late 80's)  
  3. profitability by food companies to capitalize on organic food movement, which if you had a half a brain in your head you'd realize 'organic', by it's definition couldn't & shouldn't be mass produced
Health & fitness:
  1. opportunity for the fitness industry to become a billion dollar / yr industry selling miracle cures & dreams 
  2. evidence showing the direct correlation between the heath & fitness boom and the obesity epidemic  
  3. profitability by research after research after research confirming the problems, yet stopping short on sustainable solutions.
 All of the above can & has been vehemently denied.  What cannot be denied? The statistics.

My reality is that I'm IN this. I'm not hopping on some bandwagon, talking out of my ass.  I see, hear, debate, endorse and lobby for change. I lay awake at night thinking about the future of health of our kids, communities, province & country specifically trying to come to terms with 5 things.
  1. How a few people at the top (of an organization, of a government) can stifle any hope we have at fixing this very fixable problem. 
  2. How ignorant we chose to be (on mass) with respect to believing what we're being told / marketed. 
  3. How uninformed we chose to be when it comes to the health & well being of ourselves & our children.
  4. How complicated we chose to make things which, at their core, are actually not that complicated. 
  5. How reluctant we are to implement any sort of regulation (government) or accountability around our practices.   
History is not on our side. We will wait until we've hit absolute rock bottom before we take action to remedy a crisis. Until then, "it's not my problem" or we stand behind the fence criticizing / idolizing / ostracizing 'fanatics' like David Suzuki, Jamie Oliver and Paul Watson who've got the fortitude and tenacity to make a difference. 

It was time to DO SOMETHING about the decline of our health & wellness... a decade ago.

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