Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What will I teach my kids?

I will teach my kids life isn't fair and with that, there will be more than less occasions where they will not be treated equally.
  • Someone will get the job ahead of them because their dad knows the owner. 
  • Someone will make the team before them because their parents lobby harder.
  • Someone will pass judgement on them because they are un/athletically inclined.
  • Someone will stereotype them based on the color of their skin, and their friends on theirs.
  • Someone will judge their faith and beliefs if they don't line up perfectly with theirs.
  • Someone will question their intelligence being they are 'just little boys'

I will teach my kids that none of the aforementioned will likely be in their control. 
How they chose to react to it, will be.

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Rumon Carter said...

Respect. Gonna pass that along, swapping "hes" for "shes."