Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What will I teach my kids?

I will teach my kids life isn't fair and with that, there will be more than less occasions where they will not be treated equally.
  • Someone will get the job ahead of them because their dad knows the owner. 
  • Someone will make the team before them because their parents lobby harder.
  • Someone will pass judgement on them because they are un/athletically inclined.
  • Someone will stereotype them based on the color of their skin, and their friends on theirs.
  • Someone will judge their faith and beliefs if they don't line up perfectly with theirs.
  • Someone will question their intelligence being they are 'just little boys'

I will teach my kids that none of the aforementioned will likely be in their control. 
How they chose to react to it, will be.


Rumon Carter said...

Respect. Gonna pass that along, swapping "hes" for "shes."

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You are doing an amazing job being a parent. Teaching such stuff to kids is really neccessary and I think you are going great. Hoping to see more of what you will teach.

Sophie Grace said...

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